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Introduction from the CEO

               CSK Enpro






Our organization is comprised of three companies: our company in New Jersey, C&S Specialty Inc., and our two companies in Korea, Samchun Chemicals Co., Ltd. (, and CSK Enpro founded in 1992. C&S Specialty Inc. sells directly to such groups and companies such as SK Chemicals, Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Hanmi Pharm., Amore Pacific, Bioland, Able C&C, and Kolmar. We distribute industrial, fine chemicals, and cosmetic ingredients to Korean industrial and research markets through our own sales organization of 50 sales staff, with three downtown offices in Seoul, two local offices in the city of Daejeon, the Korean Silicon Valley, and Pohang, home base of POSCO, one of the biggest steel companies in the world, and our manufacturing & warehousing facilities in the city of Pyungtack. We are authorized vendors to Amore Pacific, LG, Bioland, Seoul Cosmetics, Hyundai-Kia, POSCO, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, and many others.  We also operate sub-dealer business systems of more than 250 dealers throughout Korea, providing the best delivery and services.

We are very proud of our efficient sales organization and sub-dealer systems nationwide, and Samchun is certified/recognized by ISO9002 & 14001. Our 50 salesmen visit such large customers as R&D centers of big conglomerates and government institutes, universities, hospitals, cosmetic companies, and pharmaceutical companies every day and we are very strong in the bidding cases of government research centers.  It is through our hard work and strong connections built over the past 40 years that we have been able to locate and sell to the major players in the Korean Chemicals and cosmetic industry. We know the buyers and the researchers and the top management, and we know all the researchers at the various universities and government institutes.

We’d very much like to distribute your products in our market.  If so we could advertise your products in trade magazines and on our websites, we could hold stock of your products in our warehouse in Korea, we could conduct demonstrations and seminars for your products in Korea and invite many researchers and potential customers, and most of all, we could grow your business through direct selling.   Please let us know if we can try to market your products and if you’d like to discuss our proposal further.  Thanks.

Best Regards,
SK Chun, CEO

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